About Us – Codeblazetech
// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

“Financial resources may be the lifeblood of a company, but human resources are the brains.”
Rob Silzer

Codeblaze Technologies Pvt Ltd is a one-stop recruitment solution for companies functioning abroad. End to end solutions in the field of human resource outsourcing and management are provided by us to clients all across the globe. We dispense innovative workforce solutions for international companies looking to establish their functional setups in India. Codeblaze looks after all your talent acquisition needs – right from hiring to laying out the basic foundations of the project. We take responsibility for every aspect including data security. Unlike most organizations, we don’t just stop after hiring talent – we also do regular monitoring and help set up the communication between the candidate and the company in such a way that it creates a healthy work environment for everyone. Our specialisation lies in innovating professional service models that immensely benefit our overseas clients.

The thing we value the most is the relationships we build and it is this spirit that has helped us in achieving constant success.

The Codeblaze team is determined to strongly influence your evolution with strategically premeditated hiring solutions. Our forte lies in positioning the right talent that best suits your requirements at a very low cost compared to salaries in the west. Retaining these human resources to the advantage of your company is another one of our strong suits. Our primary focus is to foster growth for the candidate and your company. Once we associate ourselves with your organisation, Codeblaze becomes an integral of your team working in India.

Since its inception, our company has covered a wide spectrum of industries including – IT Software Development & Digital Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Industrial Manufacturing. Providing hiring solutions to companies wanting to recruit CAD designers and other diverse talents. Looking at further expansion in the time to come, we want to explore new avenues in different types of professional setups working abroad; hiring the best for them in India. Awaiting to discover new horizons!

// Our Vision

It is said that good businesses create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.

We like to believe we have done just that. Codeblaze is a company with a futuristic vision in mind. We aim to create advanced ways of upgrading the working process, enabling systems for the client’s advantage. Our clients are our Partners. We function in unison while balancing a mutually beneficial environment for the company and the client. Also, the dealings with the client are designed transparently. Right from the recruiting to the financial aspect, everything is crystal clear for the client’s knowledge. The hiring solutions we offer are qualitative yet cost-effective, thus catalysing hundred per cent client satisfaction. Our process involves merging the latest technology with the human expertise that our experienced team of recruiters bring to the process. The end goal is always the same – to deliver top talent to our clients. We have integrated smart sourcing tools, machine learning and AI/Artificial Intelligence into the screening process which makes it very efficient as well as economical. Our seamless model combines modern technology, human values and intelligence. We firmly believe that our secret of success is hidden in the right attitude and process structure that we follow. Achieving new heights by way of precision and a positive attitude!


Codeblaze is on a mission to expand its presence, aiming to be recognized as the most steadfast and unfailing partner for overseas clients. 

 The company’s goal is to become a 100+ employee company in 2 years and 350+ in 5 years. It is our constant endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction by giving excellent service. While climbing the ladder of success, we also concentrate on growth and innovation.

//Core values

The work ethics and respect for every rank of the Human Resource forms one of the most important parts of the core values.

Human values of empathy and dignity of labour are practised in the day to day communications of the working space. Teamwork, efficient communication and professionalism are a part of our work culture. Our method of working revolves around sharing and brainstorming of ideas for a superlative performance. At Codeblaze, learning is a constant and never-ending procedure. We evolve constantly, while never forgetting to adapt alongside! As a team, we work round the clock to ensure the best results. The cost-effective services we provide are a value for the investment. Nothing substitutes for the quality of service we offer to our customers and this is how we have earned our credibility and client trust. The set of company core values act as a guiding star for us in our internal and external exchanges. The ground of the working ecosystem is based on ethics which are:
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Learning